Monday, September 24, 2012

Time Flies

Kicking off the 6th week of classes now, can you believe it? I certainly can't.  Not that I need more excuses for my already sparse posting schedule, but given the crapload of work I'm doing for this program, and the amount of writing I'm doing, it's amazing I have the energy to finish thisssssssdaksdml dsalkfm

Sorry, what was I saying?  Oh, yeah, CRAP TON.

On the plus side, I feel like I'm getting my grove back.  If there's one thing I'm good at, it's school, and so far I'm really good at this... to too my own horn, can I toot my own horn with you, anonymous internet peeps?  Some of my classmates were comparing grades on a paper we got back (they don't use A-F, they use a 5-1 scale), and most people got 4s and 3s, and the Prof (from a different class) told them those were great scores, not to worry, no one gets a 5, if you "get a 5, it means your paper was so good  you could have taught the class on it."

Well, anonymous internet peeps...?  I've gotten 5s on all my papers so far. Whee!  (Don't worry, I haven't told my classmates ;-p  We'll keep this between us.) (Also, for those concerned about the lax quality of this program, rest assured that I compose my papers with more care than I do these blog posts.)

Ok, the papers are killing me though, because there's a 10-20 page paper due each week thus far, and I've come down with some flu-like horribleness, and my job is driving me slightly nuts because I'm still on training and while I'm on training I'm working every day instead of the 3 day a week schedule I'm supposed to be on (which will give me more time for those papers!)

But, well, I'm feeling pretty ok right now. Better than I was.  And I have to kind of laugh everytime I see my downtrodden colleagues. I mean, yeah, sure, they're eating at fancy restaurants instead of on a diet of Ramen, but at the same time they're dealing with some ever-increasing amounts of bullshit, and I'm breathing the bullshit free air... and that feels pretty damn good.

Free at last... free at last...