Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reason # 8793663 I love him

Jedi: Did you ever read Lord of the Rings when you were a kid?

Me: No, I could never get into that series.

Jedi: Why not?

Me: There are hardly any women in those books.

Jedi: Huh. I guess you're right.

Me: It just annoyed me.  If you don't have characters like me in your universe, I'll assume your universe is not for me.

Jedi: Huh.

 a few days later

Jedi: So... do you think you could point me towards some kids or young adult books with strong female characters?

Me: Sure, why?

Jedi: Because I figure if we have a daughter someday I should know which books I should read to her.

Me: {warm fuzzies}


So, I'm starting him off with The Hero and The Crown and basically anything by Robin McKinley.  Any "must read" suggestions?