Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Thoughts!

Jedi was contacted yesterday and told he's a finalist for a position-- in fact he's the top candidate!

Yippee!!!!  The only problem? They've asked to speak with his current supervisor (not just references) and his supervisor is an ass.  In fact, his supervisor is one of the reasons he wants to leave-- well, that and a pretty hostile workplace.

(e.g.  Jedi is a pretty sensitive guy, which is something I love about him.  The guys he works with are super-macho misogynist types and they're constantly harassing him.  For example, yesterday Jedi was whistling as he left the warehouse and one of the assholes he works with said, "Hey Jedi- you know who whistles?  Birds and faggots. And I don't see any feathers on you."  They're constantly throwing gay slurs at him-- in no small part I think due to the fact that he actively defends LGBT people when they do so, which just feeds the fire.)

I can't wait for him to get out of there. Hopefully he'll hear back today and hopefully it will be good news! Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Poor Jedi. More points in his favor being an LGBT advocate, though. :)

Did he mention that his current place of employment doesn't know he is interviewing? In those cases sometimes they'll waive speaking with a current supervisor, since it can cause a problem if they for some reason don't make him an offer.

Crossing all sorts of things for you guys. Yay, Jedi!

Hypatia said...

Yeah, he did. But HR said he had to let them talk to his current supervisor anyway. :-(

Still haven't heard anything... eek... it's agonizing. Can never tell if it's good or bad, you know?

IS it taking so long because they're finalizing the HR letter/paperwork? Is it taking so long because they can't get a hold of his boss? Is it taking so long because they've decided to move to the next candidate on the list and he's going to get a form rejection letter? SO AGONIZING!!!

Lindsey said...

Oh that sucks! I hate guys like that...school yard bullies that never grow up. I'll keep my fingers crossed about the job.