Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It rains, it pours

So, in order of occurrence of not-so-awesome things:

(Previously, as seen on "I Know Why You're Single...)

  • Grandfather diagnosed with terminal cancer  
  • Bedroom closet collapsing (under the weight of my enormous wardrobe)
(Now, let us catch up with our heroine for the latest thrilling installment!)

  • Newly fixed closet drenched in a deluge caused by our upstairs neighbor's water heater malfunctioning.
  • Clothes destroyed
  • Discovering that totally weird rancid smell that I couldn't place was coming from the closet carpet that never completely dried
  • Realizing we'll probably have to replace the carpet and drywall
  • Upstairs neighbor refusing to cover the damages or contact her homeowner's policy since it's obviously our fault for not properly (whatever the fuck that is) cleaning up the water damage when it first occurred
  • My (great) grandmother who had 2 strokes in March going back into the hospital for emergency surgery
  • Her kidneys no longer functioning after the surgery
  • My grandfather no longer able to get in and out of the bathroom alone
  • My grandmother tellling me she can't come to the wedding because of my grandfather's illness... (Which, I get... but I'm closer to my grandmother than I am to my mother, so this is a huge blow)
  • $1400 dental bill
  • Jedi's transmission giving out... (Which led to a super fun moment in the pouring rain on a back country road with no cell service and no one stopping for help and walking to a B&B only to have them tell us we couldn't use their phone)
  • Two flat tires on my car. Now need to replace all 4 tires.
  • Not being able to find students to work at my wedding (doing decor & moving furniture)... that's a pain- usually they are always looking for random work.
  • My mom causing her usual drama (e.g. I don't want your stepmother at the wedding! I only want our "real" family there...)
  • and... My great- grandmother passing away today
And what is our heroine doing today to deal with all of this? Well, right now I'm sitting on the floor of my office, crying, and stuffing my face with sticky buns and brownies. That's right. I feed my emotions.  Oh! I forgot to add "Gained 20lbs since I bought my wedding dress" to that list of awesome events.

One of my colleagues (from Jordan, I believe) said it's considered good luck in middle eastern cultures to have bad luck before your wedding.  With this kind of bad luck I think it's only fair that you should expect to hear of me winning the Powerball on my wedding day.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, lady. That's just so much awful stuff, from the mudane-normal straight through to the awful-and-no-one-should-have-to-go-through-it.

If there's any way a stranger-friend can be of help, even if it's just to look things up or make calls, please let me know.