Saturday, February 23, 2013

What a girl wants

Well, I got offers at both internship sites! It wasn't difficult to make a decision though because internship site B practically had me heaving in the parking lot with PTSD symptoms, it reminded me so much of my former workplace.  Basically, the person who interviewed me was describing a particular case management meeting she'd just come from that she described as "full of in-fighting, hidden agendas, petty territorial squabbles..."

EEP. GOOD LORD. Take me 10,000 miles away from another workplace like that. Sounds like I dodged a bullet too because after having lunch with a couple of friends this week who are 'in the field' they said that the particular site I'd interviewed at has a terrible reputation amongst the local practitioners.

So, I've ended up at the State Hospital, which is where I wanted to be in the first place (though the drive is kind of a killer.)  I think it will be a great learning experience.  I also have a second phone call with the head of the phD program I think I want to transfer into once I'm done with the MA portion where I'm at. She seems enthusiastic to talk to me, which is always a hopeful sign!

I also have some new clients coming up this week, which I'm excited about-- a couple coming in for pre-marital counseling. Right now I've been seeing individuals for various presenting issues, and families with young kids (not my ballgame! I have a lot of ethical issues with the way kids have few confidential rights in the counseling process).  I want to work with couples when I have my own practice someday, so this should be a good way to get my feet wet.

I start my internship in May, but I do wonder how I will fit it all in. Some of my classmates have lightened their courseload and are planning taking 3 years to complete the program. No way do I want to do that-- I just have to power through, but it will basically be 2 days/week @ school, 3 days/week at the internship site, and 3days/week @ my part time job.... Does that seem like more days than there are in the week?  Um, yeah!  The biggest obstacle is really the driving-- I'm not one of those people who gets relaxed while driving, I just get tense-- and now I'm basically going to have an 1h30 commute 2x a day, 5 days a week... yuck.  I already have an apartment share for one day a week down at school, and I'm looking into it for when I work at the hospital, but I know Jedi is not thrilled with the idea-- he feels like he hardly sees me as it is, which is pretty accurate.

I do need to give Jedi some extra attention these days-- he does so much, and I'm often running to and fro and I don't give him as much affection as he needs. I need to be reminded to give him hugs and to kiss him before I leave for the day-- not because I don't love him, but because I just tend not to need as much physical affection and demonstrations of love as he does. However, I certainly would not be much of a marriage therapist if, while I'm getting my degree in marriage therapy, I neglect my own marriage, now would I! I have to keep working on this and making him a priority.

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