Friday, September 24, 2010

Amazing blog

Any mommy bloggers out there? I know some of you used to stop by.

I wanted to share the most AMAZING blog I've come across in awhile. It's a kid's craft blog and the woman who runs it is obviously a freaking crafty wizard... and her kids are filthy wizards... hee...

I'm going to make Jedi take note. When he's a stay-at-home dad there won't be any slacking off! I expect one project a day! ha!


Anonymous said...

Totally off topic: TLC has a new version of Say Yes to the Dress called "Big Bliss." The title is a total gross-out, but at least some of the brides in the promo look like they're on the smaller end of plus, so maybe it's worth watching?

Hypatia said...

Yea! You're back! I miss your blog! I did see that "Big Bliss" one... Ugh. My first thought was how offensive the title was... My second thought was how those "big girls" fell into stereotypes that were not very flattering.