Wednesday, September 29, 2010

THE dress.

Npapaya was kind enough to go dress shopping with me last weekend. While down in the "Big City" I had 3 appointments with three different shops.

Well, let me just say how totally depressing it would have been had I not found THE dress in the very first store we went to. Not only that, it was also the very first dress. Thank God! The saleswoman was actually nice-- she was like an angel sent from heaven,-- tragically that was also her last day. (Probably because she was too nice. The store owner was a horrible bitch to her while we were there.)

This is THE dress. I'm not posting a pic on here because Jedi doesn't want to see it... and since he sometimes checks the blog... well... Better that it be a link.

I was SO happy to find that dress. When I put it on I just KNEW that was the dress. I felt gorgeous in it, it has everything I was looking for, it's the right color, it has straps, it is "different" -- it's old-fashioned yet not fuddy-duddy... I just LOVE IT!

Ok, it's a little out of my price range... ahem... by, um, about $700... But, in the grand scheme of things that's actually not so much, I think.

I do have to tell you about the rest of the day though. Ugh! It was so depressing! At the first store I did actually find a couple other dresses that were pretty, but they weren't a "wow." At the second store they only had two fairly fugly dresses and at the last store they had 3 dresses in my size and only one looked halfway decent... and it was really nothing special.

I can't even tell you how excited I am about this dress. First of all, I never thought I would find something that really was "me"... I was pretty sure I'd have to settle for something that was simply ok. Second of all, I feel really pretty in it. Even if I didn't lose a single pound I'd still be thrilled to get married in that dress and I'd feel like the prettiest girl in the room. (Funny thing is-- I actually looked up the dress online and I feel like the dress on the model is totally fugly! I think it's because the model is stick thin and this dress requires curves! If I had just seen the dress in the ad there's no way I would have wanted to try it on.)

Speaking of women with curves, am I the only one who finds "Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss" completely offensive? I mean, why do "big girls" have their own show? Are they a separate species or something? Why aren't they integrated into the "normal" show? Are "big" girls not normal? Cause that seems to be what they're implying. Additionally, the women in the ads seem to be exhibiting the worst kind of stereotypical "big girl/diva" behaviour, saying things like, "Mmmm... my curves are so juicy... Girl, if you've got it, work it, etc." (I'm paraphrasing.) Um. Ew. Look, I'm all on board for women who are larger than average having good self-esteem and for being able to find pretty things to wear... but that kind of stuff not only seems to be all about overcompensating but it also is very off-putting. The brides are described as, "Sassy" and "Confident"... doesn't that seem to be code for... I don't know... in romantic comedies the heroine always has a "sassy" best friend-- and often times that's what "big" girls relegated to in real life as well-- as though they're not the heroines of their own lives. That's what this offshoot show sort of feels like-- You're not good enough to be on the show with the "real" heroines... everyone knows you're "different."

Anyhoo-- that's how I sort of felt about that.

But yea! I found my dress! Yippee! (Now I live in fear of them discontinuing it! I'm going to put a deposit down now, but they won't actually do my measurements until March... that's a long time!)


Anonymous said...

Dress: gorgeous. You look wonderful (and happy, I bet, under the anonymous patch :)

Show: agreed on the "fat girls are a separate species of woman" angle. I tend to watch that show on mute because the women they choose--even for the "straight sizes" show--tend to exhibit one of the many hideous qualities of the bridezilla ("I want to be princess," "I'm a diva,"I hate everyone," etc.). Either that, or it's a special interest angle (my parent died, my husband is in Iraq, I'm a cancer survivor) that would, on the wrong day, make me feel dumb for crying.

I do think it's a useful counterpart to the "I need to lose weight to fit in this" bridal shows though, so while the separation is irritating, the "I like my size" part is somewhat refreshing (though obviously stereotyped, and OBVIOUSLY racialized! UGH!!)

Hypatia said...

Thank you! (yes, making a goofy expression under the thumbprint of anonymity!)

You are right in that the personalities tend to be over the top (I was watching a marathon a few days ago and one of the (thin) women was so obnoxious... but because she was thin, everyone knows that's just her bitchy personality. I feel like when it's a fat girl with the same attitude it's like, "Oh, there go those bitchy fat girls again!")

CameraGal said...

You look amazing! I'm so glad that you found a dress that is so clearly "the one" and that you didn't have to settle for one that you didn't feel was just calling your name. Now you have the perfect man AND the perfect dress! Could life get better than that?!

Rick said...

Our second daughter is getting married in a little over a month. Being a man sitting in the wedding shop is a little discomforting, but I was there the moment she said "yes" to the dress.

Hypatia said...