Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's up, pussycat?

 I've been MIA for awhile not for any reason in particular other than time is getting away from me. I have 3 emails from my aunts I need to answer, emails from the caterer that I'm avoiding, needing to get addresses for invitations, blah blah blah... wedding crap even I don't care about.  Plus the most stressful time of the year for my new job because I'm putting on 10 events in 10 days this February and so everything I'm doing basically revolves around that.

Not much else to report. The job situation looks to be going permanent, which is AWESOME, but the entire office structure and the structure of the office that oversees this office is changing, so who knows what my job will actually look like in a year as my boss is leaving, her boss' position is eliminated, and her boss' boss is leaving... which means...??? No one knows exactly. Whee! Isn't the recession fun, kids?! Let's all play musical jobs and hope that each job is less miserable than the last.

Jedi continues to be a huge source of joy and comfort in my life and I'm grateful everyday to have him.

(Also, new post up over at my other blog. I've been thinking that maybe I should integrate the two, but at the same time they do serve different purposes. Not sure people want to slog through the weight issues posts here and vice versa.)

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Just waving from my corner of the interwebs. Glad things are going well over in yours. :)