Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life on earth

So, I'm probably the worst blogger ever, aren't I? I have a super mundane life... no longer even any funny stories to tell you about bad dates... My job and relationship are both doing pretty well (knock on wood.)

You'd think that I would then use this forum to opine about feminist issues, wouldn't you? That was originally part of my intent in starting this blog. Instead it because only slightly more interesting than a 7th grader's diary. All it's missing is the hearts and doodles....

Anyhoo, all that to say that I'm sorry I haven't been updating very often, but at the same time to wonder how many people are still paying attention/interested in my meandering thoughts? Maybe not many.  I won't close up shop just yet, I'm just wondering if people would prefer a more consistent posting schedule or if people don't really care one way or another. Maybe I'm thinking too much about it, but I know there are a couple blogs I follow whose authors think their lives are pretty ordinary and they only post sporadically, and it drives me nuts because I'm actually really interested in what's going on in their lives.

So, I'll just give you the quick update from me. Work has been kicking my butt, glad the term is almost over.  Not looking forward to the first week of April when I'm running a big program that as of right now looks to fall flat on its face. Ugh.

I've decided to take up photography as a hobby/potential side business again. I really enjoyed it in the past, but with the switch to digital I never made the investment in a good SLR, and with $20/roll processing fees it was too expensive to continue that hobby. However, Jedi has pointed out to me that I do need a better hobby than "The Real Housewives of Wherever" so this might just be it.  If I have any pretty pictures to share, I will! Anyone have any thoughts between the Nikon D5000 and the Canon Rebel T2i?  I'm debating between both right now.

Additionally, I've decided to apply for grad school to get my Ed.D. I found a program (I won't tell you which one lest it be overrun with applications!) that is a hybrid online course/weekends on campus which should fit well with my schedule. It's 3 years and only $21k from a very well reputed school.  I know Ed.Ds aren't as well considered as Ph.Ds but I have no need to do original research, and I never want to teach, and I don't want to quit my job to have to go back to school.... Additionally, my workplace should reimburse me about $6k of the program, so all told it will be $15k, or $5k per year. Can't get much better than that, can you?  They're currently accepting applications for the Fall term so I need to get my butt in gear, get rec letters, and get going on this!

Am I nuts to be doing this? After all the complaints I had about school/work balance last time? Eh... probably.  But I think it's a good investment... So many positions I'm looking at currently require terminal degrees (which is ridiculous, because you really don't need more than a bachelor's to be able to DO the work, but whatever)... and if I ever want to make enough money to support me, Jedi, and potentially-mini-Jedi-someday... well, I think I've got to get this degree. I feel like it makes sense to do it now, when I'm 30, and have peak earning years ahead of me, than to have a kid and wait until I'm 40 to get the Ed.D, don't you?

I spend my time second guessing myself, but I do think this is the right course at this time... of course, if I get denied admission, we'll just pretend this blog post never happened, hmm? :- )

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Anonymous said...

If it helps, I am a super-sucky blog commenter AND blogger. :(

Anyway, I'm still interested! And reading, even if I'm not commenting.