Thursday, May 12, 2011

I think I love my life

1) I got out of jury duty this week. Phew. It would have been a 3 week trial about an hour away from my house, so I would have had to live in a hotel for 3 weeks.

2) My fabulous (temporary) Admin Assistant's (Karen) contact was going to be up in July. One of the other AAs from the central office was going to come down (and I'm not too fond of her.) and take her place, and my AA was going to be out of a job. Fortunately, we just got word that one of the central office AAs is going to retire which, leaves the slot open for Karen, and we get to keep her! Yippee!

2a) Karen just came into an unexpected inheritance! Yeah! 

3) We're interviewing people for the position of my future boss. So far we've seen 2 out of the 4. One of the candidates was so-so and the other seemed great. Keeping my fingers crossed because she seemed like someone I could really work with well.

4) I discovered I have 17 days of vacation I have to use before July 1. Relaxation, here I come!  (I was hoarding my vacation days this year because I wasn't sure if my job would be permanent.)

4a) I have a job that gives me 22 days of paid vacation a year + 2 weeks off paid at Christmas.

5)My friend Npapaya got a job interview.

6) I discovered the dining hall carries not one, not two, but THREE hereto undiscovered flavors of Ben & Jerry's icecream. I have now tried them all.

7) I got an ipad. I am in love.

8) I am in love. With Jedi. I don't actually say it all that much because it sounds totally schmaltzy, and I disapprove of schmaltz.

9) we've had perfect weather here for the past week.

10) My students call me at 11pm at night. Now, that isn't the awesome part-- the awesome part is that when they got great news I was one of the first people they wanted to share it with. I'm glad I've been able to make connections with them.

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