Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I think there actually is a Random Tuesday blogpost thingy that is an actual thing, but I'm too lazy to look it up, so we'll just go with my generic version.

So, here are a bunch of random things that are on my mind:

* I want a chapel shack update!

* I had a pretty good time on Saturday at a random party hanging with someone I'm pretty sure hates me for a reason I've never really been able to discern.

*I'm really hoping a friend gets a new job so that she can revert back to being the upbeat person I knew 2 years ago. (oh, and I want her to be happy & find fulfillment in what she does too, OBVIOUSLY... But, selfishly, it is hard to keep trying to cheer someone up for 2 years.)

*We were playing a board game and Jedi, who is a History Education major, didn't know who Lenin was. I was terribly embarrassed... for him... and, I admit it, for me.  "How can you not know?" I asked him several times in the car on the way home.  Finally he turned to me, exasperated, and said, "I don't constantly dwell on your faults, do I?"

Well, that shut me up right quick. Yup. It's true. Not only does he not constantly dwell on my faults, he never points them point to begin with. I have more than my fair share of faults, I think, and he only ever makes me feel like I'm perfect just as I am.

*A friend announced she was pregnant. I admit it took me a few days to work up a "Congratulations"-- not because I'm not happy for her, I'm just exasperated by these smart capable women I used to know falling into traditional roles. That, and I'm jealous of her house.

*I alternate between thinking I should go back on Atkins and thinking that bread is delicious and why would I be so foolish as to give that up.

*My ever-growing waistline tells me I should give up bread again. And cereal. Which is sad, because toast and cereal are what most of my meals consist of.

*Jedi makes an awesome Reuben.  Yeah for hidden skills!

*I have this overwhelming desire to take lots of naked pictures of Jedi so that when he's 50 I can remember how hot he was.

*My office is a disaster and I'm procrastinating by writing this post instead of cleaning.

*I need a nap.

*Every time I play the lottery I am genuinely surprised that I don't win.

*Our space is too small and I think we can get a mortgage for a slightly larger place, but I'm not sure how long we'll be here... 3 years? 10? 20? I can't decide if we should actually look for something else or just hold our in the cramped space for a few years.

*It has been raining here for 10 days straight. Now, it could be worse-- at least we don't have tornadoes-- but this is also totally depressing.

* If I didn't have an appointment at lunch today, I would totally take a nap.

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Anonymous said...

I blogged! I updated!

Keely used to do RTT, but she stopped a little while back. It's too useful a meme not to keep going, though.