Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Has it been a week already?

I guess it's time for another Random Thought Tuesday since I can't get my act together enough to actually write anything of any substance.

1) My grandpa is dying. This sucks. Went to the doctor for a cough, found out he has cancer in his lungs, liver, brain, everywhere. Nothing to be done. 2-3 months.

2) My grandma is stronger than she looks, but I'm still worried. My grandpa took care of everything-- she doesn't even know how to pump her own gas or pay the bills.

3) I have WAY too much bureaucratic paperwork to fill out. I have been procrastinating for 5 years to register with my local consulate, but I can't avoid it anymore as my passport is almost expired.

4) In perusing the consulate website it appears that I need to fill out paperwork so that my marriage is legally valid in France and that needs to be done 60 days before the wedding.... which is 7 days from today. Sweet!

5) I got my performance evaluation back for the year and it was all good, very complimentary... but is it wrong to be miffed that on a scale of 1-5 I was ranked a 4?  It's probably petty I know, but it makes a difference in whether or not I get that .5% raise!

6) I am freaking out about children I don't plan to have for another 3+ years or so.  Like, how do I get back to France to have my kids so that they can then go to a french immersion school in the US that the French gov will pay for? And where should I be looking for jobs (presumably 6+ years from now) so that they can go to kindergarten near where I work?

7) I think not having kids would give me more free time and money. This is a delightful proposition.

8) sadly, I think I would regret not having kids, so I continue to obsess over where we will live and how I will pay for them.

9) I am avoiding wedding stuff because I don't want to plan anymore.

10) next tuesday I'm doing a trial run for my wedding hair (had to plan that or I would be screwed...).  I think that as long as I'm going to get my hair done, I'm going to go and get my passport pictures taken the same day. Ha! I will have awesome passport picture hair! (However this means that I will probably be forever stopped at the border when the guards compare the picture to my actual-bedraggled-while-traveling-self.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so, so sorry about #1. I thought something was up given your recent facebook posts. I'm just so sorry it's this.

As for kids, well, they're awesome, but they pretty much derail any and all plans for your life--at least in the short term.

Could you and Jedi move to and work in France for a few years, have kids, and then move back to the states? Obviously many stars would have to align, but it would be pretty awesome if doable.

I'm a wee bit confused re: France. Are you a dual citizen? This is all very interesting, especially since we thought briefly about getting dual citizenship for E somehow, but, um, you can't really do that, apparently. Or else I don't understand the rules. Yes,that's probably it. :)