Monday, January 9, 2012

One line a day

I've never been one much for journaling. This blog, after all, started out as a place to tell funny stories about terrible dating adventures, and I was a pretty consistent writer when I had those stories to tell.  Now it's all either -angst-what-to-do-with-my-life crap or lovey-dovey crap, that is not very entertaining to read.

A week or so ago I bought an interesting journal that is a five-year, one-line-a-day journal.  I can do that, I thought. I can write one line a day.  And so I have! Yippee. (Talk to me again in 5 years!)

And so, I was thinking to myself, maybe I should re purpose this blog too. Instead of treating it as a journal, I'll regale you with amusing (or, at least, amusing to ME) anecdotes about my life with Jedi.

Funny (to me) tales forthcoming...

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