Saturday, November 3, 2012

:roll eyes:

You know how sometimes you're facebook friends with people who are totally random acquaintances, and you're like- Wait, how do I know you again?  But, hey, they're harmless enough, so you keep them on.

It's also an interesting little glimpse and window into how other people live, and how other people live? It does not compute for me, dude.

Approximation of facebook conversation:

Aquaintance:  Other new moms, how do you deal with having to go back to work?

Her Friend: It's tough, especially when you're breast feeding, trying to take care of the other kids, take care of the chores, and all of that.  I'm lucky though! My husband agreed to cook dinner once a week. I love Wednesdays!

I have to admit, my head kind of cocked sideways, like my dog does when she's looking at something she just does.not.understand.  Like, what do you mean, your husband "agreed" to cook dinner once a week? It sounds like you're doing pretty much everything. Why doesn't your lazy-ass husband cook dinner every night of the week? What else is he doing? You're making food with your God-damned body. What are his magical powers?  And you consider yourself "lucky"?    

Your life makes me sad.

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