Saturday, November 10, 2012


I should apparently make this blog about hair-- at least, that's what I understand based on my traffic reports. My blog posts about hair get by FAR the most traffic from all over the world.  Hey, I get it... my little life is pretty mundane... I write mostly for myself.

But, in the spirit of giving my limited readership what they want, here's a little post about hair.  I got about 8" chopped off today, and it sure felt good.  Very freeing, psychologically speaking.  I have a tendency to hide behind my hair... and now, whoosh! It's gone. (I also have a tendency to put it up into a French Twist, which is only a fancy-pants looking version of the lazy-girl's go-to Ponytail... essentially, unless it was for a special occasion, I just would wash... and twist.)

Well, no more washing & twisting... here is the short bob I got today!

Ok, no, I'm not secretly Candace Cameron!  But, I saw this super cute short bob on the TV show "Make it or Break it" (Yes, I'm addicted to bad TV, especially bad TV that airs on ABC family.  Don't even get me started on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"  ...  And yes, I'm ashamed of myself.)

In the spirit of helping out other people who are no doubt typing the words "cute short bob" into google as we speak, here are some more shots of the same cut... (Don't you love having more shots you can bring to your stylist! To make sure s/he does NOT.SCREW.IT.UP! Don't mess with the HAIR!)

When I saw this cut on TV I knew I wanted it, so I grabbed the screenshots-- You are welcome internets! Now go! Get yourselves some good hair!

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