Saturday, March 16, 2013

Moving day!

So excited to have finally gotten the day we can move into our new apartment! April 2!  It will be so nice-- bigger, within walking distance to everything (my part-time job, and Jedi's job are literally in our backyard now.)  And... hopefully we can save a lot of money this way! We are basically rent-free, only paying a nominal amount towards utilities each month.  We really do need to save up as much as possible because when my student loans come due I will (with my current estimates) be paying $1100 a month. eeep! 

Our hope is to have Jedi's student loans paid off before mine come due, and the car payment should be done as well, which will also help.

It's somewhat scary-- going from previously having NO student loans to having one that is more than the mortgage payment on my small condo (that we now need to find a renter for.)  I have been intending to do the National Health Service Corps repayment option (which is AMAZING-- 2 years of service and they pay off $60k.)  At the same time, I can't do that until I'm licensed-- which is at least 2+ years after I graduate as I build up enough client hours to count towards certification.  As I think about it I go back and forth-- Once I start getting established with clients I think that I probably won't want to up and leave ... at the same time, being able to repay the loans in one big swoop like that is pretty enticing.   I know I shouldn't worry about it now, but I like to look ahead ... and I can't help but worry when I do that!

Right now though, I do feel like divine providence is looking down on us, and I'm very grateful for our new living situation!

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