Monday, August 31, 2009

I can tell this is not going to end well...

.... So why am I bothering to go out on a coffee date?

*Sigh* Maybe because it's been since about January, I think, since I've met someone new? (Cause I was kind of obsessed with some fuckwits in between now and then. Let's not revisit that, shall we? Side Note: Muckraker is suddenly emailing again. Shocker.)

Now, call me pessimistic, but there are some warning signs here:

1) This dude is really overly complimentary when it comes to my looks. Like, that's what he focuses on to the exclusion of anything substantive. (And I am NOT that attractive...)

2) He once contacted Npapaya with the same M.O. (Very complimentary... and she IS that attractive... but I digress.) And then he disappeared off the face of the earth.

3) He is rather pushy about wanting me to email him/call him using my real accounts. No Way. Not until I know you're not a crazy stalker... and right now that's looking kinda suspect.

4) He's a kindergarten teacher. (Yes, yes. Call me sexist.... Bad feminist! Bad feminist! But... I find this... peculiar. And, shades of "To Catch a Predator..." But I'm obviously just jaded. Right?)

5) He's a kindergarten teacher... who can't spell/ doesn't know his homonyms. (I don't know which is worse.)

So. You know. Of course I told him I'd go out with him. Because I'm special like that.

Happy Monday!

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