Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Better than I thought...

I had tea with my friend Nell today. We talked about a lot of stuff... (One of which, her brother, who is the subject of my next post...) including my coffee date this afternoon.

She rightly pointed out that with as enthusiastically as I was going into it, the poor guy didn't have a chance. (Which. DUH. Isn't that the point... ? Ha. Ok, ok, I know... my issues!)

So, as much as I felt trepidation about it, I decided to at least feign a good attitude.

And the date went well. Better than expected.

He was cute (if a bit shorter than I had expected... but, aren't they always?). He insisted on paying for my coffee, even though I had my wallet out and offered to pay for his. (So! Bonus points!)

He was polite in ways that count, and in ways that my mother would approve of... (For example, excusing himself when he coughed. Which is more than I expect of anyone, but indicates that he would excuse himself if he... oh, say... burped in my face. Which muckraker never did. Bleh. Let's not talk about him.... moving on.)

The conversation was a bit stilted at first, but that's to be expected.

One thing that did bother me a bit was that his eyes were darting all over the place when we talked. I took this as a sure sign of his disinterest... (I kept trying to check behind me to see if there was some unbelievably hot chick.)

He was a little hard to read-- there were a couple of red flags (ok, maybe pink flags...) He was talking about trying to find a new job-- which is fine-- except that he just started this job 10 months ago. And it's not like he's wanting to go into an entirely new field because he's burnt out or something, he wants to do the same thing-- only elsewhere. And apparently he's done the same thing in the last 2 jobs he's had.... suspicious.

He also talked about how his online profile wasn't filled out because he doesn't "DO" the online dating thing. (Except. You know. That he DOES. Because that's how we met... and he's gone out with other girls from the site.) But somehow his attitude that he wasn't one of THOSE people who NEEDED to date online really ticked me off. Like-- Dude? You're really not that much better than anyone else. Online dating is NOT for people who are maladjusted shut-ins. I just got the impression that he felt that he was too good-looking for it. Which-- he's not. (No one IS, but while he's not unattractive, he's not George Clooney either.)

On the other hand, the conversation flowed, and it seemed to warm up towards the end. He mentioned several times that he'd like to see me again. We had a couple good laughs.

All-in-all, one of the better coffee dates I've had.

I emailed to say I'd enjoyed meeting him and I'd be open to getting together again if he felt like it.

We'll see...

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