Thursday, September 10, 2009

Work on that attitude, young lady!

As I said in the comments to arf, but I'll repost here because I think it's important:

I have a terrible attitude about [dating]. (As Npapaya always says, "Are you sure you actually want to be dating?")

And I think that's the problem-- I DON'T actually want to be dating. I'd like to be WITH someone, but the dating part is effing annoying. Finding out whether or not someone is trustworthy, dependable, kind, etc... Takes time and effort. Time and effort I don't usually want to put in.

I think that's part of the reason I have a crush on Descartes... I can skip all those--"Can I trust you" stages because he comes with the Good Housekeeping Friendship Seal of Approval.

And so I know I need to have a better attitude about it. I'm trying, I really am.

So much so that I answered Coffeeguy's lackluster email. I didn't spoon-feed him a date option, but I left the door open for him.

(Which is better than he did for me, since his email included not a single question. As an Aside-- WHY DO GUYS DO THIS!? If I had a penny for every time I got an email from a guy on a personals site that doesn't include a single question, I could buy myself a happy meal. For the most part I don't bother answering those at all anymore. What's the point?

As an example, here's an email I got today from a random dude:
Hello,--- I read your profile, and thought it might be a good idea to send you a message, -- any way, write me back if you want to.

Gee. Nothing? Nothing like: "I noticed you like XYZ. I also like XYZ. What is your favorite XYZ of that particular artist/restaurant/whatever. You seem like an interesting person, I'd love to discuss XYZ with you. What do you think about XYZ?"

How enticing. Let me get right back to writing you- ... But I digress...)

I'd give coffeeguy another chance, to try and be fair, if he asks me out, but given that he didn't respond to me asking him to do something a week or so ago, I doubt I'll be hearing from him. I really think he just wants an ego-boost.

But, well, I'm working on my issues. And one of those issues is the fact that I don't really like to date!

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