Thursday, September 10, 2009

The TeaMaster

Did I mention that Descartes is a Tea Master ? (Ok, I'm not quite sure what this means... But I really LOVE tea! I do!)

Maybe The TeaMaster should be his moniker? (Oh, why am I even thinking about this, given that I know it's going to amount to nothing, and indeed-- that's part of the reason I like him. That, and the fact that since he's such an unknown he makes a good cipher to project my fantasies onto!)

But whatever... I still really like this picture above.

I bring him up because.... HE ASKED ME A QUESTION!

Whoo hoo! It's almost like we're having a conversation! (Yes, I'm being rather ridiculous!)

And to keep the conversation going, I asked him a question in return!

And he did say that he'd like to get (our dogs) together when he comes into town in the future... (which is... unknown. *sigh*) BTW, I'm going to go out on a limb and wildly state that "our dogs" is a euphemism for something else.... ha.

I'm not quite sure how to keep the conversation going... but hopefully it will.

(Nell tells me that she's betting her brother is pretty confused at this point-- Like, "Why is this girl so persistent! Doesn't she know I'm on the other side of the world!? She hasn't heard from him in awhile though.)

Nell did tell me something that I thought was rather amusing. I met her father last winter and had dinner with him and Nell. It was a fun time (the power went out, it was an adventure! The funny thing about that is that Nell had invited Muckraker to that same dinner in the hopes that he and I would get stranded up at the cabin together... ha ha! I only found this out recently. But I appreciate her ingenuity!)

I ran into her dad around town a few other times, and I said hi, but that was about it. Nell said that ever since last winter her dad keeps asking about me. She said, "Dad adores you! He thinks you're a firecracker." Ha ha! And then she added, "I think he talked to Descartes about you as well."

Ha. I would give a million dollars to know if that is true (Nell can be fuzzy on details. She's a little ditzy.), and if so, what was said.

I do like being labeled a firecracker!

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