Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Latest Crush...

I think it's always good to have a little crush. Good to daydream about, and helps to feel a little less hopeless about the whole dating thing.

My latest crush is my friend Nell's brother. (Hmmm Gotta get him a nickname perhaps... Descartes?) He's a pretty good crush as he lives across the country, and so there's not a chance of anything coming to pass... which makes him pretty safe to fantasize about, and not get my heart broken! (I know, I know... My issues. I'm working on them.)

I mentioned him briefly before (though I can't find the damn post. So much for my categorizing skills.) He is originally from this town, though he now lives WAY across the county on the West coast. He came into town briefly in the summer to donate a kidney to his sister. (Sniff... Sniff... Doesn't that make him lovable right there?!) When I met him I thought he was cute, but he seemed very uninterested. I ran into him and Nell again about a month after the surgery, and again-- he seemed nice, but uninterested. (As Nell keeps saying to me-- HE HAD OTHER THINGS ON HIS MIND!!! Like A KIDNEY.) Yes, yes... excuses, excuses!

She did mention to me after he'd left that he thought I was cute. To which I replied, "REALLY!? Because I thought he was cute! And did I mentioned I'd move across the country? Because I TOTALLY would...!" (And, he happens to live in San Francisco, where about 50 of my dear friends live, and they're always trying to get me to move out there. Tempting!) So, when Nell went to visit him a few weeks ago, she happened to mention that I liked him.

Apparently he's quite shy (and a total dork-- her words... But I'm a fan of dorks! He's a mathematician,) so nothing really would have come of that... except...

Npapaya was all, "You should friend him on facebook!" To which I replied-- "Um, that would make me look like a crazy stalker!" (Nevermind actually google-stalking him. I have no qualms about that. The APPEARANCE is what counts.)

When Nell came to visit me this afternoon though we were looking at people on facebook, and we looked up her brother. She was like, "You should friend him!" So, I wrote him a note telling him that Nell had told me to do this, that we were sitting here having tea, and that I always do what Nell tells me to do."

He accepted my friend request. (Phew! This will make stalking SO much easier... especially as he has a common name! ) He wrote back, a friendly response, and I sent him a kind-of flirty one. Hopefully he'll write back!

As I was perusing his facebook page though, I fell even deeper into crush with him... He's kind to animals! And small children! He's well traveled! He speaks French! He's a total dork who says things like, "nicotine is an MAO-B inhibitor," in random wall conversations! He is all together very adorable.

And... And... And...! I LOVE his family! (And isn't that 3/4ths the battle?) They are such good, kind, friendly people! I want them to be MY family! (Kinda like Laurie in "Little Women" huh? "I have always known I should be a member of the March family," and all that...)

He'll likely come back to visit his family over Thanksgiving/Christmas... I've told Nell she'd BETTER engineer a meeting of some sort... (and then disappear... ha! I do think she's kind of creeped out that I like her brother... because, you know-- he's her brother. She's like-- he's so weird. And annoying. Like I said. A normal brother.)

I know nothing will come of this crush... But at the moment, I don't really care. I'm on kind of a high... and as long as that high is not caused by anything illegal, I'm gonna keep on crushing...!

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