Monday, April 11, 2011

We're going on a honeymoon!

So, I have been chided for not keeping up with posting. I won't even try to defend myself-- I'll just say, "Yeah. I know. Lame. Super Lame-O."

One nice update I do have is that Jedi and I are going on a honeymoon! Whee!  Really didn't think it would be possible because, have I mentioned?, we have no money! Whee.

A nice aspect about where we live is that while it is nowheresville, it is also prime vacation spot for the good-ole-USofA. Tourism is one of our main industries. One of the super annoying things about this is that it makes this nowheresville super expensive to live in, but we also have some great vacationing options close by.

Not needing to fly anywhere is a nice bonus (as is not getting groped by overzealous TSA agents) and a money saving highlight.

"So where are you going", I know you're just dying to ask!

We're going here:

Not bad, huh? My most important requirement is that I be near a beach.

We got a good deal on and are going for a week for only $1000.  (Ha! "only"! Well, a week's vacation for 2 people, $1000 isn't bad... but it still makes me wince a little!)  Sure there will be incidentals, I'm sure, but I'm guessing overall we can do it for about $1400 total including gas to get there.

Fingers crossed for nice weather!

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