Monday, June 11, 2012


An open note to family and friends:

Please shut the fuck up about how "if you wait to have money to have kids, you'll never have kids!"  Hardee Har Har.

Are you going to pay for us to move our of our (can barely afford it now) 1 bedroom apartment?  Are you going to pay for day care? And diapers? and a car seat... (let alone the new car we need since our 2002 nissan is on its last legs...)... and crib... and clothing... and whatever else the fuck a baby needs?  Not to mention all the things a toddler needs... all the things a kindergartener needs... all the things a middle schooler needs....

Oh, no? You're not going to pay for any of those things for us?


Having been one of those kids who grew up without money, let me just say... We kids know there's no money, and we know it fucking sucks.  We know it sucks not to have money to go on fieldtrips and have to be a charity case... we know it sucks to have to be on the free lunch program at school when we hand over our tickets and everyone else hands over cash... we know it sucks when all our friends go to florida over spring break with their families and we're at home being latch-key kids... we know it sucks when for 2 weeks out of the month dinner is nothing but toast and eggs, every single day.

It fucking sucks, and I don't want my kids going through that. 

So seriously, unless you're prepared to pull out your check book, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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