Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Ph.D plan

Or, letting the Universe plan it out plan...

The nice thing about the program that I'm going into, which is what appealed to me about it last year when I was looking at it, is the kind of 2-for-1 combo deal (ok, it's not really that... because you still have to pay for the 2...)

As you may have realized, the Universe, God, Higher Power, etc obviously has other plans than I have for myself oftentimes, so I'm trying to be open to that. This program allows for some of that flexibility.

 The program that I'm going into has an MA built into the Ph.D program (and yes, this will be my 3rd MA... ahem...).  What's really nice about this is that I can be licensed and practice with just the MA, but then if/when I want to continue on it will count toward the Ph.D program.  One of the reasons I gravitated towards this model vs. the PsyD, for example, was... frankly, I'm getting up there in age.  If Jedi and I plan to have kids, we need to start trying in the next few years.  The MA would be a logical sort of 'break' point, since I could get a job in my field, and then potentially when kids are in school, continue onward with the Ph.D  Or, if kids are not in our cards, then just keep continuing on for the Ph.D generally.

Anyway, that's sort of the thought process at the moment.

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