Saturday, October 27, 2012

The little things

Time for a little schmaltz.  It's been awhile, right?  I try to keep it off facebook for the most part, because I know how annoying it is to read "kisskisshughugsmoochsmooch" from couples all the time.  It's like-- ugh! What are you trying to prove.

And I'm NOT trying to prove how "in love" Jedi and I are, mostly because I think that's dumb. Love isn't a contest or a zero-sum game.  But what I DO want the world to know is how fucking amazing Jedi is.  I would write that shit on facebook everyday if I didn't think everyone would defriend me. (And believe me, enough people have already defriended me for my political posts. Heh.)

Jedi  is just the most incredibly thoughtful person you could ever hope to meet. He is always thinking about someone other than himself-- and yes, that often includes me (which is an awesome feeling)-- but it's definitely not limited to me.  He's often thinking about the nice things he can do for his sister, or his mom, or my nephew, or the people in his office.

For me? Doing nice things is just second nature.  He scrapes my car windshield in the mornings even though he takes the bus.  He makes me tea, even though he doesn't drink tea.  He always carries in the groceries and puts them away. He is always asking if I want a back rub or a foot rub (ok, he often asks for those too... :-)  He never needs to be asked to do anything-- he just does it out of loving kindness... chores that should be mine, like feeding the dog, or picking up after her-- if he notices I haven't gotten to it, he'll just do it, and never say a word about it.   He always calls and texts to make sure I got to school and work safely, he sends me notes to tell me how much he loves me, he remembers the anniversary of the day we met and reminds me every month that it was the happiest day of his life.

He's a hot nerdy feminist, and he's all mine.  And, amazingly enough, HE thinks HE'S the lucky one to have found ME! I don't know how I managed THAT Jedi mind trick.

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