Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Have I mentioned I have the best future in-laws ever? Yes, it's true!

My condo's water heater has been needing to be replaced for about 3 years... (ahem. That would be about the time that I bought my condo! I've been living with rusty orange-colored water for all that time... and of course, the threat of impending biblical-sized floods.)

Well, Jedi's dad is a handy-man extraordinaire and offered to replace it for me...! Yippee, right? Saved me about $300 in plumber's fees.
What did I do with those $300? Well, Home Depot was calling me. I've been wanting to replace my fugly '70s style bathroom fixtures...um...since I moved in. I figured it would be insanely expensive though, so I never looked into it. (Have I mentioned that I'm poor? I mean, yeah, not third-world, poor or anything, and I have health insurance and all that jazz, so I guess that makes me comparatively rich, but believe me, Paris Hilton would blow through what I make in a year in about 30 minutes in a night out on the town.)
So, well, in Home Depot there was this vanity that was positively calling to me...
Jedi's mom was with me (while the guys were looking at water heater parts) and the vanity was positively calling to her too.

Well, I figured, Jedi's dad is a handy guy! Surely he can put this in in 20 minutes! How hard can it be!

So we got the vanity (and I should point out I did not get the $78 fixtures... I got the $24 ones. (Have I mentioned I'm ppppooooorrrrr?)

Little did I know that this would lead to new bath fixtures... and new towel racks... and a new medicine cabinet... and new light fixtures...

... and if I get new light fixtures for the bath, I may as well get them for the kitchen at the same time. And if I'm doing all that, I may as well repaint the kitchen and bath. And maybe repaint the kitchen cabinets. If I'm repainting the kitchen cabinets, maybe I should replace the hardware... and maybe I should paint my entertainment system as long as I've got the paint out. And if I'm repainting the cabinets, maybe I should make some new curtains to match... (and by I I mean Jedi's mother should make some new curtains to match...)

Suffice it to say that I'm now not only the proud owner of a new vanity, I am also the proud owner of a Home Depot consumer credit card! (um. Yippee? It will be paid off in 6 months at 0% interest, I swear! Lest Suze Orman come and hunt me down!)

Jedi's mom is a painter extraordinaire and she's been helping tremendously with that.

Phew! I can't wait to live in my new and improved cardboard box!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I wish I had in-laws with improvement skills. Wizard's mom is trained as an architect, but...it's more a vision, not a practice. :)

Also, you are making me lust for a house so I can get out of this apartment, where we can't even change fixtures, let alone paint!

Hypatia said...

I STILL have house lusts! I don't think that ever goes away... unless maybe you're Oprah.