Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Take care of your own onions, BEOTCH!

(Take care of your own onions is the French equivalent of "Mind your own beeswax," and one of my mother's favorite sayings... I just had to use it.)

Jedi stopped by my office yesterday and while he was here he went up to the second floor kitchen and ran into Nosy Beotch (NB for short.) Jedi is actually friends with NB and her husband C and he lived with them at one point for several months. Jedi helped them remodel their house trailer home and all was hunky-dorey.

Except... well... that... even though NB is married and has a kid... she has always seemed a little too interested in Jedi. (That's cause my man is smoking hot-- oh yeah-- in addition to being incredibly sweet.) Additionally, she hated me before she even met me.

She started working in my building around the same time Jedi and I started going out. She was always very cold to me and I just couldn't understand it.

One day-- after an argument in which I told Jedi he'd better come clean about EVERYTHING I didn't know if he ever wanted to be with me-- Jedi admitted that he thought he knew why NB didn't like me.

It turns out that back when we were first dating Jedi had told NB that he would go to a comedy club with her in Boston. He felt sick the day they were supposed to go and he canceled on her. I called him up that afternoon and asked him to go with me to a jazz club. Even though he wasn't feeling well he didn't want to pass up the chance to see me... so he went...

... and my friends took some pictures... that ended up on facebook... and BOY was NB livid when she saw them! (Not that I blame her... but blame Jedi, not me!)

Well, even though none of that was really my fault-- and I didn't even know about it until several months later-- she has persisted in being rather rude and backhandedly mean to me.

Another example-- I had put up on my facebook status on day that "Having Jedi around is better than having a Roomba." (Jedi and I had been laughing about this together.)

NB didn't post anything on my status, instead she just posted, "I think people who compare their significant others to an appliance are horrible."

Geee-- real subtle there, Nosy Beotch. Jedi responded on her profile saying that he thought what I had said was funny, but she never responded.

For the record, I'd also like to point out that when we were making wedding guest lists Jedi didn't include NB or C on his list and I pointed out that he really needed to invite them. That was MY idea, in spite of what a Nosy Beotch she's been.

Well, to get back to yesterday, Jedi ran into her and they proceeded to have a discussion which included Nosy Beotch saying the following: "Are you really sure that you want to marry Hypatia? Are you sure you're happy with her?"


To which Jedi of course responded that he was deliriously happy with me (no, for reelz, he did.).

Sadly, he did not tell her that she should really take care of her own onions!


Anonymous said...

ugh. chicks like her make me grit my teeth. i dont know about you, but i'd be "deliriously happy" that Jedi is incredibly loyal.
i think you should give NB a good ol fashioned, "EFF OFF!"
i know i would. =)

Anonymous said...

WOW. Who does that? I can see why she would be a little hurt about the comedy club thing, but that hurt should be aimed at Jedi, not you. And also? MARRIED. What the heck, lady?

Lindsey said...

What a bitch! And I absolutely HATE when people make catty, not so subtle comments on Facebook that you know are aimed at you. I had that happen rececently and it's like...hello are we in middle school?

Hypatia said...

I know, right? Jedi also just told me that she also asked him, "Do you just love Hypatia? or are you REALLY *in Love* with her?"

Grr... I'm debating-- do I confront her? or not? She acts all sickly sweet to me when I run into her in the hall and I just want to punch her in the face.

Anonymous said...

confront her. thats all. she's steppng in YOUR territory.