Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Worst Blogger Ever!

Wow! Practically a whole month since I've updated! Am I trying to drive what few readers I have away, or what? I'm really sucking at this blogging thing at the moment... and I don't even have an excuse like a thesis to fall back on anymore either! (Can I blame the heat wave? I feel totally lethargic!)

I guess maybe is that part of the reason I'm not writing is that I don't feel like I have much to say these days! My life is calm and not angsty which doesn't make for great reading, eh? I mean it's angsty in the sense of ... "I don't know what I'm going to do with my life..." but there's not much I can do about that right now, especially as I think it's only fair to let Jedi complete his Associates, which he will hopefully do in the fall.

Well, all the stuff about money got cleared up. Everyone is contributing a modest amount, so back to kumbaya and all that!

I suppose I can tell y'all about wedding planning, eh? I'm doing my best not to talk to people in-person about it because there's nothing more boring than someone else's wedding... I'm aware of this!

I'm trying to do the wedding with the most minimal fuss and planning possible. I scoff- (SCOFF I tell you!)- at theknot.com's planning checklist! So much pointless stuff! So redundant!

But here are the things we have:
Reception Space!

(I'm particularly proud about the invitation one! I'd been freaking out about the cost of invitations.. (so pointless for something people are just going to throw away!)... The cheapest ones I found were $1.44 each! And that was if you bought over 200 of them! Eegads. And that was not including reply cards or anything like that. But... Yeah! I was at my local super store this past weekend and right there on the end of the clearance aisle was an entire section of WEDDING STUFF! yippee, right? They had boxes of 50 invitations marked down to $10! They included all the envelopes, reply cards, ribbons, vellum, etc. Sweet! So, we got three boxes!

.... and then over the weekend I changed my mind for the style we originally picked out... and I panicked... and I went out and bought 3 boxes of a different style (but they were still on clearance, and I can return the others... so still not bad!) But that was my little Bridezilla moment. Jedi was slightly annoyed-- Mostly because I kept asking him, "Are you SURE you like these ones?" YES! "But I mean, are you REALLY sure? Or just KINDA sure?!"

Incidentally-- We've decided to do without reply cards. Is that terribly gauche of us? I just feel like it's an added mailing expense (both coming and going) that is unnecessary. We have a website where people can register online and we'll have the phone number up as well where people can RSVP. So, is this a terrible faux pas or not? I could wade into the forums of theknot.com to find out, but I'm a little afraid to venture there. Just going to the site itself is enough to make me crazy.)

Other items we got from the clearance bin:
Favor boxes! (Which we'll fill with Jordan Almonds, a traditional treat at French weddings.)
A veil (Which I don't even know if I'll wear-- probably not-- But it was only $3, which is great given the cost of veils (crazy $$$ if you haven't checked lately!)

Also, I think my future mother in law wants to make the wedding cake-- Which I think is CRAZY. I keep telling her she really doesn't need that stress the week before the wedding but she wants to try it out. Well... I'm happy to taste her tries anyway! Cake isn't really important to me so even if it's imperfect I don't mind-- (Just as long as it tastes good! I'd rather have a great tasting cake than a pretty one!)

I had hoped she would want to make my wedding dress but she keeps saying, "NO WAY!"... Which is too bad because she actually has mad sewing skills. She says THAT would stress her out too much. To me that seems weird since a cake is much more unpredictable than a dress, I think, but I'm fine either way.

This weekend we're going to a discount fabric place about an hour away and we'll pick out fabric for the table runners. Keep your fingers crossed that we find something good because the rest of the wedding will be based on that!

My plan is to take the pattern from the table runner and incorporate it into the invitation and then take the colors from it and incorporate that into the rest of the decor/accessories. Hopefully all for cheap! I think we'll forgo flowers (unless we can convince the ones in the garden to grow!) and go for candles instead. (12 candles for $6 at Wal-Mart baby! Klassy all the way!)

So, that's where we're at... Pretty good, dontcha think? For the entertainment I think I'll hire some student bands (very good ones).

The only thing I don't really have under control is a photographer. I was hoping someone on Jedi's side of the family might have some talents in that area (because my side doesn't) but no luck. Prices are CRAZY! $1000 for 3 hours? Um, yeah, no. That's like half the budget. So, not too sure what to do about that...


Anonymous said...

I thought I commented on this post, but then I came over to see the new post, and, alas! I didn't comment.

And now I don't know what I wanted to say, so I'll just say that I love the new design, and I'm glad you're back. :) (And, you need to be on twitter, which is where all the fun happens :)

Hypatia said...

:-) Just glad to have you around!

Though, twitter? I cannot get behind that! I tried it for like 2 days, and then I was like- eff this shit!