Monday, August 30, 2010

A conversation about dresses with my mother:

M: All of those dresses are ugly. Why didn't you try on other ones?

H: I DID. I just only put up the pictures of the ones I liked.

M: Well I don't like any of those. Why don't you try a monique l'huilier or vera wang or something?

H: So... do you have $10,000 you're going to give me for that type of dress?

M: Well you can just get a copy made.

H: Even that would be $2-3,000!

M: Well, I think you should keep trying different dresses.

H: In my price point and being a "plus size" bride-- this is about what you're going to get! You'll get variations on this, but these styles are what look good and what I can afford .THIS IS IT.

M: Well, have you thought about losing weight so you can fit into more dresses?

H: Gee, Mom! That's a BRILLIANT Idea! Lose weight to fit into more clothes!? Why haven't I thought of that before! If only you'd mentioned this to me 10 years ago! All this time I've been wearing ugly shapeless clothing... but to think! If Only I'd thought to lose weight I could have had more options! Now that you've brought this to my attention I'm totally going to get on that!

H: You don't have to be sarcastic.


Anonymous said...

Ah, hell. That just plain sucks. Though I have to say, I'm surprised that sentence hasn't come out of my MIL's mouth.

You look great, and your body looks great. Well, except for that big black blotch where your head should be. Does your mom have any advice about that? ;)

Hypatia said...

Thanks... hee hee... My mom has been driving me nuts.