Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crossing boundries

I was talking to Npapaya today about my annoyance with Science Guy, and I mentioned I hadn't emailed him back since he emailed me about 4 days ago. She said, "I told you to let him cool his heels, not kick him down a black hole!" (ha!)

So, I saw he was online this evening so I im'd him. It was a good conversation... but, as I said before-- we seem to fall into this ambiguously 'coupley' nether-realm... where he compliments me (always appreciated), and we have conversations about stuff and kindly bicker as though we've been a couple for years. It's comfortable and annoying all at the same time. An example- This evening we were talking about cars. I need a new car, and so he started doing research for me online, found me a car I liked, made plans to go test driving together... etc. All nice things, right? And yet, there seem to be all these weird unspoken assumptions there. (Npapaya thinks I just need to make a move on him and he'll give up this whole "just friends" thing. I don't know....)

And then, another weird boundry was crossed-- I was supposed to go meet that guy for coffee tomorrow (see below for my excessive shallowness,) but wasn't really feeling it. Science Guy and I talked about it (in addition to his date this week that was a dud,) and he-- like Npapaya, thought I just needed to cancel it. I thought it was too mean to do that, but Science Guy actually crafted me a (rather nice!) email to reject the other guy, and so I sent that off.

And yes, if I think about that too long it gives me a headache because of the excessive weirdness.


arf said...

free advice is worth less than what you paid for it - but I'm with NPapaya... I think that all he needs is a little push...

Hypatia said...

I think, at this point.... I may be ready to give him a push. He's away on a trip at the moment... but when he gets back, I may make a move ... :-p