Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good choices...

There were numerous parties this weekend. As I said in one of my previous posts, I learned Muckraker was back in town, though the schmuck didn't bother to let me know himself.

And so on Friday, as I was getting ready for one of the parties I realized that I was feeling... anticipation. And I was getting dressed up as if I was going out on a date. Because I was thinking about Muckraker, and how he would see me. And I was thinking about witty things I might say to him when I see him.

And I knew how crazy and how unhealthy this was. So, what did I do?

I took a washcloth and wiped off my make-up. I took the pins out of my hair. I took off my stockings, and I put on my bathrobe. And I stayed home and watched Supernanny.

Lame-o evening? Yes, assuredly. On the other hand I knew for certain that if I went to the party and saw him it would end one of two ways...

1) He'd be flirty and charming, and then I would spend the next two weeks annoying Npapaya and Supergirl by dissecting our conversation and wondering why the schmuck hasn't been in touch.


2) He'd be cool and distant and I would spend the next two weeks in the depths of despair and annoying Npapaya and Supergirl with my feelings of inadequacy.

To save their sanity, and my own, I think NOT going to the party was the best choice. Even if it did make me super lame on a Friday night.


I found myself missing Science Guy this weekend. He's away on a trip, and at a (rather dull) party on Saturday night I found myself thinking of him, and I ended up texting him. I've been thinking about him more and more, and I think I may make a move on him the next time we're together.

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Liz Harris said...

This was the best idea, way to go!