Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What did I just say?

What did I just say about small towns?!

So, I just ran into tomorrow's coffee date while in line at the local lunch spot. I don't think he recognized me... (Perhaps because I turned away quickly!)

Shallow and terrible of me, I know, but upon seeing him in person I knew immediately that this would not work out. No way. no how.

The picture he sent me wasn't great by any means, but I was hoping he was just not very photogenic. (Science guy was not very photogenic, but much better looking in person.)

Well, it turns out that 'bad' picture I had of him was in fact a very good, very flattering picture.


Now what? Npapaya thinks I should just cancel tomorrow's coffee date-- No explanation needed, just "Something came up. Sorry."

I'm kinda thinking that's terrible Karma. On the other hand, If I already know this is not going to work, it's probably better to cancel now-- right???


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