Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Small Town

I've mentioned before that I live in a small town. So small that it's not surprising to be constantly running into people I know. This morning though, things got a little excessive as I stepped off the bus and proceeded to run into one, two, three, and then four people that I knew-- all in quick succession. We stopped, we talked, (A good friend told me I had lipstick on my teeth. (It was a rough morning.))... and then all of a sudden....out of the corner of my eye...

I see Muckraker.

Muckraker, who should be in California, Muckraker.

He's walking maybe 20 feet away, and it's pretty unlikely that he didn't see me as he was walking in my direction, parallel to me. Yet, unlike the other four people I ran into he didn't cross the lawn to say hi, or even wave, or otherwise acknowledge my presence.

I was talking to Supergirl (traitorous Supergirl who tipped off the local media about something Muckraker has done, and now there's going to be an article about him written, only to torture me further) at the time and she asked if we should go over and say hi.

You'd be proud of my restraint. NO. If he couldn't even mention the fact that he's back in town, then I'm certainly not going to go chasing after him. Whatever. Schmuck! (In addition, he 'owes' me a bit of communication about something we went back and forth about, but I'm not going to remind him of it.... But I haven't forgotten! And he was the one who initiated that particular exchange....)

I know, this is all more than a little silly given that there's never been anything more than brief flirtation, but he's so fucking annoying, and he just gets under my skin.

In other news, Npapaya feels I should let Science Guy cool his heels for awhile, so I haven't responded to his last email. (There wasn't any real need to.) Just feel annoyed by him at the moment.

In other other news-
Have I mentioned I have a coffee date coming up? This is with a (different!) guy that I pseudo-stalked from eharmony. (pseudo-stalked because I don't subscribe to eharmony, but I found him in my company database, and contacted him that way. Apparently, I've started doing quite a bit of this... hmmmm....) So. We'll see. Hopefully he's less of a schmuck than Science Guy & Muckraker, both of whom are currently Schmuckety McSchmuckertons.

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