Monday, April 20, 2009

Another one bites the dust.

Science Guy & I had tentative plans to meet up on Saturday night... So, yanno... I shaved my legs, got my place tidied up... etc. etc.

I give him a call. He says "My friends and I are going out for drinks, you're welcome to join us, and after that we're going to [local nightclub]."

I reply, "Thanks, but [local nightclub] isn't really my scene."

He says, "The guys and I are really excited about it because they're filming Girls Gone Wild there this weekend! If you pay $15 you get to be the guy who pours water on the girls for the wet t-shirt contest! Whoo- hoo! We're all psyched."

Dead silence on my end.

Then. "Are you serious? That's totally degrading."

He laughs, "Yeah, it's really sleezy, but it's fun."

Me- "What on earth would your mother think? And if I meet her in a few weeks, should I mention it?"

Him- "What's your problem? It's all in good fun. Why don't you get off your high horse? When did you get to be such a killjoy?"

Me- "Have we met? how is this different from any other views I've ever expressed? Go. Have fun." Click.

Aaaaannnnndddd.... That was the end of our conversation.



SINgleGIRL said...

Now that just sucks. No, actually sucks might be an understatement.

Sorry darling. There are few things worse than having a guy pulling a bait and switch on you.

arf said...

have you done a post about what you do want? Is that outside the topic of the blog?

Hypatia said...

Sorry I've been MIA- Work has been busy! What I want... good post topic :-) So, I'll get to that.