Monday, October 12, 2009

In which I'm kind of a terrible person...

Don't get me wrong. I still like Mr.2young. He's very kind and very attentive... but, I admit, what I like best about him is how much he likes me.

We stayed in this weekend-- on Friday and Saturday, mostly just watching movies, which was nice (Though, I didn't let him sleep over on Saturday! I needed to actually SLEEP). But, he was exasperating me in some ways too, really showing his age.

As I mentioned before, he still lives with his parents. He got into a fight with his dad this weekend though about some chores that his dad wanted him to do (to help his grandparents.) Mr.2young had told his dad "no" because he wanted to spend the day with me on Sunday. I told him I was not ok with that-- I didn't want to get in the middle, and that he had responsibilities-- especially considering that he doesn't pay rent. Mr.2young wasn't really happy with that answer and kind of pouted. (Though, to his credit, he did acknowledge the next day that I'd been right.)

I then helped him look at his budget to see if he would be able to move out... Sadly, not really. He'd have to find a place around $400/month in order to make ends meet, and around here that's nearly impossible (even with a room share). He was all gung-ho about it though and started looking at more expensive places-- which I was like-- "I really don't think you can afford those!" One moment was rather forehead-smack inducing-- I suggested that he try living as though he WAS paying rent ($500) to see if he would have enough money to get by. He was all, "Oh! That's a good idea! I never thought of that." Doh.

I know. He's young. Budgets are rather novel to the young.

But none of those reasons are why I'm a terrible person. I'm a terrible person because I've developed a little crush on someone else. Someone I barely know. Someone who, if he were to ask me out, I would totally say, "Yes."

Hey! I've made a point of telling Mr.2young that we're not "boyfriend/girlfriend." And I would NOT sleep with someone else without breaking things off with Mr.2young first. But a date? I don't know... would that be crossing the line? Maybe. Would it hurt his feelings? Totally. *sigh*

Like I said, probably a moot point because it's really unlikely that this other guy even knows who I am, but I don't think it's a good sign for my relationship (or whatever the hell it is) with Mr.2young that I'm even thinking that at this point.


Perpetua said...

If his age is a deal-breaker, then it just is. You don't have to apologize for it. And it's okay to have crushes when you aren't in a committed relationship. Hell, people have crushes while MARRIED. :) The important part is not to be unfaithful.

BUT. Don't quit him because you're afraid of why he likes you or because your doctor screwed with your head. Quit him because he's not the guy for you.

Hypatia said...

It's not so much the age as the life situation...

But, I'll hang in there a little while longer. Finding a guy who volunteers to clean windows is pretty rare! (and he's good at other stuff too...)