Friday, October 30, 2009

Blast from the past

Y'all won't believe who called me at work today... Muckraker.

I mean, right? I know. That's effed up.

It's funny, in the past I would have been all a twitter... Whoo! He called! Right? Ha.

I know you will NOT be surprised to hear he needed a favor.

I was a little more surprised to hear him asking how my love life is going... Do I have a boyfriend?

Ha ha ha ha!

I the past I would have been flattered by this thinking, "Gee! Maybe it means he wants me after all!"

I was vague. It's none of his business.

Besides, I'm 99% sure that our mutual friend Mary would have told him that, yes, I AM dating someone.

I turned the question around on him... "Are you dating anyone?"

He totally dodged that one.

He asked if he could call me next week. I said sure... Mostly because I'm amused by this.

Compare and contrast Muckraker (Who could also be called Mr.2Old being 12 years older than I am...) with Mr.2young.

Muckraker has only ever been in touch when he needs something, he never does anything thoughtful/out of the blue for anyone as far as I can tell, and if not outright deceitful then definitely shady.

Mr.2young is in touch with me daily (much to my annoyance sometimes,) is always thoughtful (He got my favorite candy for me the other day... This morning he came to my work and brought me breakfast...), and he's totally honest-- to an extreme, sometimes.

There's really no comparison, is there?

Hmmm... I think I got the better bargain.

(Oh-PS! When it rains, it pours! Science Guy is back in touch! He wants to do breakfast sometime this week. I'm amused. I'll meet with him. Maybe I'll bring Mr.2young along... hee... hee...)


Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Why are you meeting with these guys?!? Don't screw up something good with Mr2Young. It's not worth the ego boost you may be seeking.

Hypatia said...

Oh, I'm not seeking an ego boost, honestly. And I've told Mr.2young about both of them and about having breakfast with Science Guy and stuff. Mr. 2young has nothing to worry about-- there's a reason I'm not with those guys.

There's also a reason I'm not cutting them off either.

For Science Guy it's that he really is a very nice guy and fun to hang out with. He was too immature to really date, but that's no reason to just cut off contact.

For Muckraker-- well, we're all part of the same group of friends that hangs out together. No need to cause awkwardness, and I don't harbor any feelings or animosity towards him. I also think that (much in the same way he asks ME for favors!) he'll be handy for favors in the future. He's really knowledgeable about a lot of things that I'm interested in pursuing.

Don't worry-- not doing anything behind Mr.2young's back. I've offered to introduce him to both of them.

Hypatia said...

Also, for what it's worth, I'm on good terms with everyone I've ever dated... (Which I think is a pretty good track record!) I'm facebook friends with just about all of them, and when I get a chance I still like to meet and catch up with them.