Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Puppy Love

Mr.2young is delightful. And delightfully earnest.

He reminds me a little bit of a puppy in some ways, with all of his energy and unabashed enthusiasm, and his need to be with me ALL THE FREAKING TIME. (And I feel like I'm very meanly crate-training him when I say, "NO! You CANNOT come over today! Or Tomorrow! Or the NEXT DAY!" And then he looks at me with those puppy dog eyes... and does some very nice tricks... and I let him spend the night in my bed. See! Just like a puppy! I'm such a sucker.)

On the one hand I like it. I like being liked to such an overwhelming degree.

Even if it feels a bit fake.

Not because I don't think he MEANS it... He very sincerely means it.

But, rather, because he's like a puppy. He would be very sincerely enamored with ANYBODY.

I think he would deny that, but... let's look at the track record here...

He once proposed to a girl he knew for ONE MONTH.

He has said the "L" word to at least 3 different women. (And he's TWENTY TWO!)

Now, some might call me emotionally stunted, but I barely use the "L" word with my parents, and I'm biblically required to love them.

And so... When he said he "Loved" me a few nights ago my instinct was to pat him on the head and say, "Thank you very much" and give him a biscuit.

I believe that HE believes that he means it.

However... *sigh*... Those are not words I say lightly. And I do not believe it's possible [for me, at least] to "Love" someone you've known for 2 months. Not to the extent that you're IMPLYING when you use those words in a romantic context.

Maybe that's the difference-- To me "Love" means 50+ years of trials and tribulations and job losses and illnesses and fires and floods and sustaining all that. Do I love some people? Absolutely. But that's a pretty select group. I don't think that's something you can feel for someone you've known for 2 months... for someone you wouldn't trust with your PIN number... For someone you wouldn't give the keys to your house. Not because I DISTRUST Mr.2young, but because trust takes TIME to grow. So does love.

It's hard to remember what I've mentioned here before. Have I mentioned that he has washed my windows? Taken out my garbage? Offered to clean and vacuum and scrub toilets? Cooked me dinner? Bought me little gifts for no reasons? Faithfully calls and emails and texts? Made a point of showing and telling me how much he respects my feminist beliefs?

He is a pretty amazing guy.

But the "L" word?

Only if that word is "Like."


Simone Grant said...

I think it all sounds pretty freakin awesome.

Hypatia said...

Thanks, Simone. It is pretty nice... :-)

Just going to enjoy it for the time being....