Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I have no time to post lately...

Yes, I'm just getting better after surgery-- just now starting to feel human again. But that just means I've got 3 weeks of work to catch up on! And 118.5 pages to write on my thesis, which is due March 1!

I'm stressing out, obviously, but the REAL reason I'm in a bit of a snit has more to do with what I'm dealing with which is REMARKABLY similar to this:

(Especially the part about interrupting every 15 minutes for status updates. EGADS! Just let me DO IT already!)

In the meantime, things continue to go well with Jedi, though because of work I've been a bit short tempered and taken it out on him. (Not good, and I've apologized.)

Have I mentioned I'm a real estate junkie? I used to be a realtor and I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at houses and fantasizing about buying them. Ok, I have NO money, and I already own a (minuscule) condo. Buying a place is the LAST thing I need to be thinking about but Npapaya sent me a listing recently that looks really great.
It's under $130k (Which in our area means it is practically FREE!)

I think Jedi & I are going to go look at it. Don't worry, I'm not getting carried away (yet)... this is all just fantasy so far. It would require a fair bit of financial magic to make anything happen (because he's a student and I'm poor and neither Jedi nor I have any long-lost relatives named Bill Gates. I can't help trying to think of scenarios in which this would somehow work though... (mostly because I have NO ROOM in my place! Argh! Jedi & I are tripping over each other!)

However, if Npapaya decided to bid on it I would totally let her have it, because I'm an awesome friend that way! :-p

(And this has nothing to do with the fact that Jedi & I might BOTH lose our jobs in the next two months. Gah! This economy sucks!)


Anonymous said...

You're back! Good! I'm sorry for the nag...but you know your future self has to check up on your past self. Or something. It's very Star Trekkie. :)

Good luck with all the work, and (since I am playing the mom role today) remember to get your rest!

Hypatia said...

No, no worries! Sometimes I think I'm talking to myself on here, so it's good to have a reminder!

And why am I not surprised you're a Trekkie? I totally am TOO!

Thanks for the well wishes. I might actually get done a little bit earlier than expected and be able to go to the MALL tomorrow! (This is exciting because the mall is an hour away and I've not left my tiny town since before Christmas.) Whee!