Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jobs Jobs Jobs

So, Jedi STILL hasn't heard anything back officially from the job he's waiting on. This is totally ridiculous but also totally typical for this University.  While he'd really like this job we never know what might happen... so, on the plus side, he just got called in for another interview in a different department. Yippee!

As for me, I'm really liking my new position, though I'm still feeling nervous since it's technically a term position only through June. *sigh* I don't really know what's going to happen... people seem to like me and think I'm doing a good job... but, well, you never know what might happen!  Add to that the person who is currently my manager won't be my manager if I do get the job-- and I don't know who that manager would be-- so the job could change dramatically anyway.  Wait and see kind of thing, I guess.

In wedding news, my photographer fell through! ARGH! If any of you know of a good (CHEAP! Like, under $1000) photographer who is in the MA, NH, ME, VT area... do let me know!


Lindsey said...

Ack. Wedding stress. I don't miss it AT ALL. My photographer did a great job but was a total flake after the fact and took forever to get the pictures back to me. And the florist...god the florist. Just don't get me started. :)

Hypatia said...

Ugh-- I don't even want to deal with florists or photographers or anything else.

I'm half-debating calling the whole thing off and eloping but then... what would I do with my beautiful dress...!