Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poor Jedi

Jedi's got a case of the blues already-- Seasonal affective disorder or something. It's grey and cold and rainy and not at all cheerful here -- so nevermind that he has a great new job starting on Monday. Doesn't matter when you've got the blues. I get it. I've been there.

Well, he now found out that his best woman and her husband, who was going to be a groomsman, may not be able to be at the wedding AT ALL. They're in the military and it's very likely they're going to be shipped out shortly so.... Well. Not much to be done about that, but it is very unfortunate.  Not just because of us mind you-- I'm not as coldhearted as that. I wish no one had to ever go off to war, much less people that are important to people who are important to me.  But, to be slightly selfish on Jedi's behalf, we're having a very small wedding party. Just 2 people on each side, and his 2 people are not going to make it.

Jedi doesn't have very many close friends, so this is hitting him particularly hard, and he's feeling down anyway. I'm not sure what I can do for him. I'm going to suggest he ask his sister to stand with him instead as they're very close. I don't care about the "matchy/matchy" aspect that so many brides seem to obsess over. If he has 1 person on his side or if he has 5 it doesn't make a difference to me-- but I feel sad for him that his closest friends probably won't be able to be there on a day that's so important to him.


Anonymous said...

Poor Jedi. :(

I have an idea: what if you did a prayer/blessing/quick comment (I can't remember what you guys are doing in terms of religion in the ceremony) to mention Jedi's friends? It can be something like the standard, "We take a moment to honor those who can't be with us" thing, only you can say that his longtime friends are in Afghanistan or wherever, and ask everyone to think of them for a minute.

It's a nice thing to do in general, but it also shows people that, hey, Jedi isn't being abandoned, his friends just REALLY can't be there.

Hypatia said...

Yes, that's a good idea. Ideally we would do that and have his sister stand up with him. I worry that he may want his other friend D who has been a total flake and I'm worried about his follow-through if he actually agreed to it.