Monday, November 8, 2010

Wedding Shoes...?
So, do you think it's tacky to pair a $1200 dress with $5 shoes from Wal-Mart?  Nah. Me neither! 

Ok, ok, I don't actually know if these will be the 'real' wedding shoes because I'm not certain how well they match the dress-- I don't have a swatch or anything-- but I wanted ballet flats in a subtle gold color-- and Ta Da! The universe delivered!  (Hellloooo universe! I would also like to win several million dollars! Thank you!)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Mine came from Zappos or piper lime or something. Loved them!

Hypatia said...

I actually found a pair I LOVE LOVE LOVE from zappos (google snookie stuart weitzman-- zappos is the only place that sells them, don't know why)... but I just can't justify spending $300 on shoes no one will see and I'll likely never wear again!