Thursday, December 16, 2010

and more...

I said I would share things I love about Jedi, and I will, but before I do I wanted to clarify another point from down below.

Ramses read the blog and said that to him it sounded like I was planning on NEVER talking to Darth again. That is not the case-- nor was it ever. I just didn't want to talk to her until I had cooled down and could talk to her without shouting.  So, for any of you who were confused by that, I hope that clears things up.

I'm actually meeting with her tonight-- although, interestingly enough, at this point it's Jedi who is still angry with her.  When I said I was going to see her he was basically like, "Let her stew. We can talk to her in January when we get back from the trip."  Which, frankly, I don't think is a wise idea.  But I did find it interesting, considering that Jedi is the most even-keeled and forgiving person I know, that he would want to hold a grudge.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like what he is doing is trying to make it very clear that he is siding with you, as his future wife, and that he is not going to take his mom's side over yours.

He is awesome. Not all spouses do that.

The best thing for you to do is to make it so that he doesn't have to choose sides--but it's probably going to be up to Darth, not you, to accept things and relax and move on.

Hypatia said...

Interesting-- I didn't actually think about it that way, that he's trying to show he's not going to take his mom's side over mine. You're right-- Probably not a lot of guys would do that.

I have said to him over and over again that I want him to have a good relationship with his parents. Last week when I was mad at his mom and we originally had plans to go to their house, and I didn't want to at that point, I encouraged him to go without me.