Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Karma!

So, I didn't get a parking ticket today that I *totally* would have deserved (I forgot I parked my car at a meter and left it there the ENTIRE day... and they're strict about enforcement around here!) So, I['m chalking that up to good Karma for facing my avoidance issues...!

Atlas got in touch with me re: my note, and it went well, I think!

His response:

I've been going very slowly these past weeks, and can understand if it causes frustration. My default disposition in recent years is caution because I have had difficult experiences, but you've been exceptionally fair and very kind.*

I agree with you; Friday felt very awkward, which set me back a bit because we had fun on previous nights. It made me think over the situation these past few days. Early on, I felt that we had rapport and some commonalities. However, I feel it's not enough to go deeper than friends.

Regardless, I think we should still be friends and hang out if you're willing to do that. If not, I'll completely understand.

Thanks for getting in touch, and I'll talk to you later.


Situation resolved and everyone gets to feel good about it! Yippee!

So, any of you want his number?

(Of course the tragic part is that I've been getting no hits on my profiles recently, which means for a slow blog and an even slower love life!)

*Also, Do you think I can use " "exceptionally fair and kind"-Says Former Date! " as a testimonial in my profiles! Ha!

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