Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's (nearly) official

I've been putting it off for awhile because 1) I genuinely like him, and 2) the pickings of nice guys around here are slim... but...

I'm going to have to break it off with Atlas.

I know, I know, I've been saying this for practically a month, hoping that I would develop stronger feelings for him, but last night it became quite clear to me.

So, I went over to his place where we were going to play video games (yes, I actually enjoy this!), and get take out (and hopefully make out.)

We went back and forth and he finally suggested that we get take out from a Japanese restaurant. I asked what he wanted, and he said he was up for anything and to surprise him.

Now, when you think Japanese restaurant, what do you think you're getting for dinner? Right. Me too. Sushi!

I get to his place and dole out the food, and we settle in front of the tv. He takes a bite of the sushi... and excuses himself.

He comes back and the conversation goes like this:

Him: "I'm sorry."
Me: What?
Him: "I thought I could but I can't"
Me: You don't like it?
Him: I don't like sushi.
Me: (confused!) But you suggested Japanese!
Him: I knew you liked it, I wanted to make you happy.
Me: (annoyed & confused) But... But... You suggested it! I would have been happy to get something else!
Him: Sorry. I tried to like it, really.
Me: And you didn't TELL me you don't like sushi! I could have gotten dumplings or something.
Him: I was afraid to tell you.
Me: (in my head- DUMBASS!) Why were you afraid to tell me? Do I make you nervous?
Him: No, why? Do I seem nervous?
Me: (Uh, yeah, duh!) Well, you said you were afraid to tell me. Why would you be afraid to tell me? It's not like I made it or anything.
Him: I know, I was trying to be adventurous. I've never liked it any other time I tried it, but I thought this time I could do it.
Me: (DUMBASS!) Why would you do that? It doesn't matter to me whether you like it or not!! But you told me to surprise you!
Him: I know. Sorry.

AAARRRGGGHHH!! Seriously! If he can't be truthful about something as minor as SUSHI!?!? There's really no hope. Ugh!

The evening was fine, but didn't really get better from there. While having dinner (He had the miso soup that came with the sushi, but wrinkled his nose at the 'weird smell') he sat next to me. When we started playing video games.... he moved to the floor.

Seriously? WTF? Kinda hard to make out with you, dude, if you're on the floor!

I waited around a couple hours to see if he would ever move back or try to make a move or anything but it was all earnest puppy-dog gazes from the floor and no action.

Finally I got fed up and I said I had to go.

He gave me a hesitant hug. Didn't even move in for a kiss.

If I'm not getting any action & there's not much personality there, what am I doing? (AND too "afraid" to tell me he didn't like SUSHI!?!? How is he ever going to tell me how he likes things in bed!? Or more importantly... LIFE. ugh.)

I haven't been in touch with him yet, but this is so over.

Remind me of that, will you? The next time he does something super sweet...? I'll need reminding.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, screw that shit. no time for love, dr. jones!