Saturday, August 23, 2008

Attention shoppers! Alphabet Needed! Aisle 2 for clean up!

Nothing inherently wrong with this message...other than the spelling! (Is it too much to ask for someone who can write complete phrases...using, you know, ACTUAL words, as opposed to numbers and letters?)

"hi i just wanted 2 say u are very beautiful.. i was floored when i saw ur pic.. very pretty. c u l8r"


arf said...

I feel like if someone can't address me with proper syntax that they don't deserve to meet me. Textspeak is not English, no matter what New Zealand testing standards are.

I also feel like texting to set up a date instead of calling is lazy and doesn't need to be dignified with a response.

All that judgmental stuff, and yet, I'm still dating a guy that texted me to set up our first date. Oh well.

Hypatia said...

Yea! My first comment! Thanks Arf!

I agree...Plus, I'm looking for something long term that will hopefully produce off-spring. Shockingly enough, I want potential off-spring to be able to express themselves know...actual words!