Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Creepiest Boyfriend Ever!

Ok, so I am mildly obsessed with bad television in a WTF! kind of way! One of my shows of the moment is "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." Have you seen this? It is WRETCHEDLY awful! (If you've seen "7th Heaven"...well, it's by the same writer, so that gives you some idea") I can't even describe the half-assed storyline, but it's basically this-- A christian morality tale where "band-geek" Amy gets knocked up by "bad boy" Ricky (who's also doing it with every other girl in school!) during summer vacation.

The first day of school she meets Ben, who falls in love with her on first sight. Now Ben? Is supposed to be Amy's "Twoo Wuv," but instead he's just a creepy obsessive that Amy needs to stay the hell away from. Case in point? Last night's episode where he tells Amy (In a serial killer voice) "You Belong to Me"..... And this is supposed to be ROMANTIC!!! ARGH!!! I fear for the 13 year olds watching this show and getting this half-assed notion of what love is supposed to be! Heaven help us all!

Think I'm exagerating? See the clip below were Ben (Who has known Amy for TWO weeks! And is 15!) Asks her to marry him. Because she's pregnant by some other dude. Yea... #1) *Totally* realistic! and #2) CREEPY! (See previous post for levels of creepitude!).... Hmmm, I think I need to start a Creep-o-meter to guage the levels of creepiness put off by guys. Perhaps for future posts! What do you think!?

In the meantime, enjoy the creepiness I mean true love that is Ben....

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arf said...

oh god that's terrible.

And he totally stole the "you belong to me" from Breakfast at Tiffany's.