Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not the only one!

So, my lovely friend, Sassy Pants has a lovely blog, and you should go check it out. (Mostly because she was kind enough to link to me!) And check out THIS story!

But also because she has some lovely stories to share that involve dating idiots. (We have, in fact, gone out with many of the same idiots. It's a small town.)

So, in the spirit of a new blog, she wanted to contribute some of her horror stories, and she sent me this:

""I have recently received, through MySpace, the following from a British,mildly LLCoolJ look alike:

"hello baby how are u doing how is life with u i went throught ur profile itnice and i would love to know u better. cares"

Followed within a half an hour by a more mild but still a little concerning-

"you looked beautiful and i live near you so i decided to message you."

The "I live near you" thing is a little scary. I can imagine it being followed by -

"so near you in fact that I see you every day. You don't know it though. I like watching you. I'd like to smell your hair."

Women do not send men messages like this. Do we fear rejection more? Do we know we'd sound ridiculous? Or *do* women send these messages? "

I don't know. No one *I* know sends messages like this (that's because I only know brilliant, well-adjusted people,) but that doesn't mean other women don't. So, since we're all for equal opportunity snark here, anyone have a cringe-worthy story about a woman?

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