Monday, May 25, 2009

I found my perfect match...! oh. wait...

I'm very amused...
I've been spending time on okcupid tonight and I hit the "quickmatch" button. For some reason it was set to "girls who like guys" and I didn't notice before I hit send.

Who did I end up matched with? With 91% compatibility? Npapaya.


The other amusing part about this? I've never found a guy that matches me with that high a percentage on okcupid!

However... There is a somewhat promising prospect who just contacted me on there-- and we match at 90%. Not bad! Highest I've been matched with so far! (and he's Quebecois, which Npapaya will hate, but which is an important plus for me!) Reading his profile it seems like I could have written it!

The slight problems?

Distance. 200+ miles. Ugh.

Height. 5'8... (And, given that it's pretty universal that men lie about their heights (women about their weights) he's probably more like 5'6.)

Kinky: I think he's into S&M....based on some quiz questions he listed as "important") (I'm not. I've never tried it, but-- meh.
Doesn't seem like it would do much for me.)

Well. Given that I was swearing off dating only a few hours ago, maybe I should kick this one to the curb????

Ok, ok. Just kidding. We'll see where it goes....

Now, I just need obama to speed up that high speed transit project that is supposed to go through my town and up to Montreal! That would TOTALLY help out my dating life! Do me a favor and write to your senators, will you???

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