Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wait... Is this a date?

You may be able to guess from the picture above where this is going... but I'll lead you down this path anyway!

I think I may have gone out on a date with a woman this weekend. "May?" you are asking yourself, "How can you not know?"

Indeed. How can I not. Well, there are some things that complicate this issue, and that is my position at work. I actually work with certain groups for the school I am associated with, and one of those groups is the GLBT alumni group. I have seen this woman at numerous events, and we were friendly, and eventually she friended me on facebook. I ran into her again recently at another event, and we chatted quite a bit, and she asked me about some opportunities for GLBT students on campus among other things. At the end of the night she said we should get together for coffee sometime. I said, "Sure," thinking she wanted to continue our discussion about GLBT programming, and that this was work related.

Well, we went and got coffee, and we had a lovely chat, but it wasn't about anything to do with programming-- the conversation was totally personal. And it dawned on me about half-way through... this is "getting to know you--tell me about your childhood" first date kind of stuff. ... Wait. IS this a date?

And I could have stopped her. I could have awkwardly dropped a line about, "Oh! My ex-BOYFRIEND..." or "This guy like..." BUT. But I didn't.

Why didn't I? Well, #1) I didn't think it was necessary. I could be overreacting-- after all-- "Tell me about your childhood" is the conversation you have when you're making friends with someone, right? And #2 ? Well, #2) is that I was kind of contemplating going with it....

I dated a few women in college (hell, who didn't? Right?) I'd rate myself about a 2 on the Kinsey scale. I'm totally not opposed to dating women, though as a general rule I'm more attracted to men. (Admittedly though, I like women butcher than this woman is... just like I tend to like my men to be effeminate. I know. I have ISSUES. What can I say....)

So, this may be all in my head. Or maybe not. I don't know. I do know that she's asked me to get together on 2 different occasions. SINCE YESTERDAY. That's more than friendly... right?

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