Saturday, May 9, 2009

Telling myself stories

I like a good story, a good "how we met" story, an "it was meant to be" kind of story.

And I can't keep from telling myself these stories when I'm contemplating the prospect of meeting someone new.... I keep thinking-- "OH! Is this when FATE will come knocking at my door!? This time it is TOTALLY IT!" (I know it's ridiculous, believe me, I know-- but years of indoctrination from Disney movies has a powerful lasting effect, in spite of myself!)

So even though I know it's RIDICULOUS... this is what went through my head when my friend Patrick recently told me his handsome & talented friend Max--who works for the government, and comes from the same cultural background I do-- is coming to visit him.

For your enjoyment, the stages of my brain:

1) My conversation with Patrick:
Oooo. Single guy?
Awesome. Is he cute?
"Yes, one of the most brilliant men I know."
Is he tall?
My brain: SCORE! Also---1a) I hope he has a fetish for plump women!

2) Max. I like the name Max. I can picture myself saying his name in bed. His last name? I try it on for size with my first name a few times. Yes. I like it.

3) He works in government, huh? Oooo. I always wanted to be the first lady. Awesome.

4) He speaks French? Great! Sign me up. Our kids will have the cutest accents.

And finally...

5) Do you think it's too early to send out the wedding invitations? Probably, huh?

Yes, I am in fact a crazy person! Thanks for asking....! :-P


arf said...

I don't think you're crazy.

Then again, I have one of those perfect "it was meant to be" how-we-met stories, and the way I like to tell it - it sounds like a chick-flick. Unfortunately the rest of the relationship couldn't keep up.

I think I typed it up once - I could email it to you if you want.

Hypatia said...

Sure! I always like to hear good stories!